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“夏都西宁”等你来 Xining, The summer Resort Capital of China

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[导读]:    古城西宁位于青藏高原和黄土高原的分水岭下,是青藏线上的枢纽。这里夏无烈日,是名副其实的避暑胜地。厚重的历史遗迹透出古代边塞的沧桑巨变,而“厚道”的高原风味小吃则让人眼手身意统统满意。来吧,清凉世界并不遥远。

the ancient city of xining, located in the watershed of qinghai-xizang plateau land and loess plateau, stands as the hinge of qinghai and xizang road. the fact that no burning sun appears in the summer makes the city worth of entitling the summer resort. the rich remnant of the history in the ancient fortress city is the best living testimony to its radical changes in the past. what’s more, fabulous food with plateau flavor will satisfy you not only physically but also mentally. just come over here, the cool world is not that far away from you!
xining - kumbum monastery - qinghai lake (riyue mountain - daotang river - 151 scenic area - birds islet - sand island - golden & silver sands) - qilian - menyuan - huzhu - xining

kumbum monastery, the holy land of gelug sect in tibetan buddhism; qinghai lake, the most purely pretty lake with amazing tales, beautiful rape flower field, flying birds, and vast grass beach; qilian, the city entitled “jiangnan in pasturing area”; menyuan, where the rape flower field extends for tens of miles like a golden sea; huzhu, the only autonomous region of tu nationality around the country, with the reputation of “hometown of rainbow”; all those beautiful things are right here waiting for you, don’t you intend to come and see?
线路二:西宁-乐都-民和-循化-同仁-尖扎-西宁 xining - ledu - minhe - xunhua - tongren - jianzha - xining
这是一条人文历史与自然美景完美结合的旅游路线。乐都素以明代佛刹瞿昙寺而闻名;民和每年举行的土族“纳顿”节号称“世界上时间最长的农民狂欢节”;循化境内的孟达国家级自然保护区被誉为“青藏高原上的西双版纳”;国家级历史文化名城同仁是热贡艺人汇聚的地方,号称“藏画之乡”;坎布拉国家森林公园则是尖扎最著名的风景,被誉为“青海小桂林”。 this is the very travel route perfectly combines cultural and natural scene: ledu is famous for qutan temple in ming dynasty; the annual traditional nadun festival of tu nationality is entitled the longest carnival for farmers in the world; mengda national nature reserve in xunhua is praised as xi shuanbanna in qinghai-xizang plateau land; tongren, the national famous historical and cultural city, is the gathering place of artists in regong with the title of “hometown of tibetan paintings”; kanbula national forest park, entitled “small gulin in qinghai”, is the most famous scenery in jianzha.  
线路三:西宁-贵德-贵南-共和-西宁 xining - guide - guinan - gonghe - xining

贵德是“青海小江南”,素来山清水秀,“天下黄河贵德清”、贵德温泉都是远近闻名;贵南县沙沟乡的藏族歌舞早已走出高原,每年农历“六月六”的“啦伊会”吸引着四面八方的人们;共和县背靠青海湖,南临黄河,有“西海屏风”之称,境内雄伟壮观的龙羊峡水库是我国的第一高坝。 guide, entitled “small jiangnan in qinghai, is always famous far and near for its picturesque scenery and hot springs; tibetan singing and dancing from shagou county in guinan town had already spread out of the plateau land, attracting guests form all around every year when the party holds; gonghe county, close to qinghai lake and yellow river, the “folding screen of west sea”, prepares dragon-sheep gorge reservoir for you, and it is the most highest dam in our country.
xining, the summer resort capital of china

对沿青藏线入藏及去往塔尔寺、青海湖的游客来说,西宁是旅途中的枢纽。 xining is the communications center for the travelers to tibet along qinghai-tibet highway and to kumbum monastery and qinghai lake.  
作为中国夏都的西宁,在最热的7月平均气温也只有12~19℃; 年降水量371毫米,70~80%集中在夏季,每年的日照数为2742小时,是避暑的好地方。西宁市的海拔为2275米,市区坐落在湟水中游谷地,湟水及其支流南川河、北川河从西、南、北三面汇合于市区,向东贯流全市。市区坐落在四条川道两侧,轮廓也正如一叶扁舟,面积为350平方千米,人口约为205万人,其中市区人口约为100万人。居住在这里的少数民族主要有回、藏、撒拉、蒙古,还有满族、东乡族、壮族等。西北四大清真寺之一的西宁东关清真大寺、藏传佛教格鲁派圣地塔尔寺、南北禅寺交相辉映,南凉王朝遗迹沧桑巍峨…… as the summer resort capital of china, xining has an average temperature of 12~19℃ even during the hottest days in july.  the annual precipitation here is 371 mm, 70~80% of which is concentrated in summer, and the annual sunlight time is 2,742 hours, all of which makes a very good summer resort.  with an altitude of 2,275m, the city located in the valley of huangshui river's middle reaches.  the river from west and its branches of nanchuan river from south, and beichuan river from north meet in the city and go eastward through the whole city.  the city sits aside the four river courses just like a boat.  it occupies 350 square meters with a population of 2.05 million, including 1 million of the urban population.  the minorities here are mostly hui, tibetan, sala, and mongol, besides other minorities of man, dongxiang, and zhuang etc.  xining's dongguan mosque is one of the four major mosques of northwest china, and kumbum monastery is the holy land of gelug school of tibetan buddhism. those temples on the north and the south reflect each other; the relics of ancient south liang regime survived long history and are still majestic.  
交通 traffic
铁路 西宁市是青海省的交通中心,西宁铁路交通四通八达。兰青、青藏铁路线经由西宁横贯全省,连通北京、上海、青岛、西安、兰州、格尔木等地。因为这里是兰青、青藏两条铁路的交汇处,西宁火车站东去有兰青铁路,西进有青藏铁路,北往有宁大铁路,省内还有通往大通、柴达木、茶卡等地的支线。西宁火车站位于西宁市东北区,乘坐1、5、9、11、17、20、22、28、29、31、33和特1路观光旅游车均可以到达。西宁还有直达北京、上海、青岛、西安、兰州、格尔木的特快、直快列车,贯通陇海线,连接京广线。 by train: xining is the traffic center of qinghai province, with railways stretching in all directions.  it is the terminal of lanzhou-qinghai and qinghai-tibet railways which go across the province and reach beijing, shanghai, qingdao, xi'an, lanzhou, and geremu. 
航空 青海省境内航线较少,现在开辟的航线主要有西宁至北京、上海、西安、广州、乌鲁木齐、成都、沈阳、拉萨、青岛等地的定期航班。西宁机场位于西宁市以东29公里的互助县高寨乡曹家堡。 by air: flight courses in qinghai are not too much, including regular flights to beijing, shanghai, xi'an, guangzhou, urumqi, chengdu, shenyang, lhasa, and qingdao etc.  xining airport is located at caojiapu of gaozhai township, huzhu county, 29km to the east of xining city.  
公路 青海省内有甘青、青藏、(西)宁张(掖)、(西)宁临(夏)、(西)宁果(洛)等十多条干线公路,以西宁为中心延伸八方,另外还有一百多条公路连接省内各州县和外省市。西宁长途汽车站扼青藏、青新、青川等省内外交通干线,有长途汽车通往省内外各主要市、县,班次频密,也有市郊线前往湟中塔尔寺、老爷山等旅游风景区。西宁市公路运输公司每天有数百辆客运班车发车前往各地。 by bus: there are dozens of artery highway within the province, namely ganshu-qinghai, qinghai-tibet, xining-zhangye, xining-linxia, and xining-guoluo lines, with more than 100 highways connecting the prefectures and counties within qinghai and outside to other cityies and provinces.  xining coach station dominates the main artery of qinghai-tibet, qinghai-xinjiang, and qinghai-sichuan highways, which dispatches coaches going through major cities and counties of both in and out of the province, as well as suburban lines to the scenic areas such as kumbum monastery in huangzhong and laoye mountain etc.  xining highway transport company dispatches daily hundreds of regular coaches and buses to various destinations.
市内交通 西宁市内有20多条公共汽车线路,连接西宁市所有地区,甚至还有开往大通县、邻州平安等县的较长线路的公共汽车。西宁大多数公交车实行投币制,需要准备足够的零钱。另外外表看起来差不多的大公共也有1元和0.5元,甚至2元不等的票价,上车前要问清。小公共一般是按站程的长短收费的。西宁面积并不大,出租车价格相对便宜,6元起价的夏利出租车占据了主流,还有一部分7元起价的富康车,起价都是3公里,之后收费为每公里1.1~1.4元。 urban traffic: there are more than 20 bus lines inside the city, connecting all districts of xining, as well as those long distance buses to datong county and ping'an county.  it is necessary to take enough small changes to take bus for most buses are automatically selling tickets.  big bus charges various fare of one yuan or five jiao, even two yuan, so make it clear before getting on.  mini bus charges according to the distance you take.  since xining is not a very big city, taxi is comparatively cheap.  most are xiali with a basic rate starting from six yuan, and some citroen starting from seven yuan. the minimum charging mileage for all the taxis is 3km before a rate range from 1.1 to 1.4 yuan.
餐饮 foods
西宁著名的风味小吃有殷凉粉、马忠酿皮、杨卤肉、康猪肉、李羊头、辛酸槽、王面片、孟大豆、王客娃刀把、宋精兑、刘棕子、羊肠冶家等,大多经济实惠。此外,还有蜂窝里脊、蛋白虫草鸡、鸳鸯芙蓉发菜、酥合龙、清汤羊肚、人参羊筋、松鼠鲤鱼、金鱼发菜、菊花鲤鱼、发菜蒸蛋、羊肉蘑菇片、羊肉烧茄条、烤羊肉、筏子肉团、黄焖羊羔肉等青海特有的高原风味佳肴。 the famous local snacks of xining style include yin liangfen (bean jelly), mazhong rangpi, yang lurou, kang zhurou (pork), li yangtou, xinsuan chao, wang mianpian (flat noodle), meng dadou, wangkewa daoba, song jingdui, liu zongzi(glutinous rice dumpling), yangchang zhijia etc., most are very economical.  in addition, there are many qinghai's unique dishes of plateau style, such as fengwo liji (tenderloin), danbai chongcao ji (albumen caterpillar fungus chicken), yuanyang furong facai (mandarin lotus long thread moss), shu helong, qingtang yangdu, rensen yangjing, songshu liyu (carp), jinyu facai (long thread moss), juhua liyu (carp), facai zhengdan (egg potage), yangrou shao qietiao (mutton stewed with aubergine), kao yangrou (toasted mutton), fazi routuan, huangmeng yanggaorou (stewed lamb) and so on.
西宁作为青海省商贸中心,市内有多条商业街。如东关大街、大什字、西门口、古城台、小桥等地,其中东关大街是西宁的回族聚居区,有大小商店近200家,在附近的清真饭馆能吃到正宗回族风味食品;大什字地区是繁华的市中心,东、西、南、北四条主要城市干道交汇于此,有近300家商店、饭馆,货品、饮食琳琅满目,风味食粹……;西门口的水井巷是西宁风味的大展览,有“百味街”之称,几乎集中了青海所有的名吃,美食小排挡一个挨一个,烤羊肉、羊杂碎、甜醅儿、酿皮儿、麦仁饭、麻食儿、拉条子、粉条儿、手抓羊肉、羊蹄膀、粉汤……样样俱全。水井巷离中心广场不远,公交1、2、23、31路及不少小巴公交、特1路旅游观光车等都可到达,打辆出租车,6元左右就可到达。 as the commercial center of qinghai province, xining has many commerce streets, including dongguan street, dashizi, ximengkou, guchengtai, and xiaoqiao.  dongguan street is a community of hui nationality, gathering almost 200 stores of big and small, where you can eat real hui foods in muslim restaurants in the neighborhood. dashizi is the center of the downtown, dominating the four main streets stretching in four directions, in the nearly 300 stores and restaurants are supplied with plentiful goods and foods.  shuijing lane of ximenkou is called the "hundred-flavor-street", acting as a big exhibition hall of xining style food, providing almost all the famous foods of qinghai.  snack stands each others, kao yangrou (toasted mutton), yang zasui (chopped cooked entails of sheep), tian pei'er (sweet unstrained spirits), mairen fan, ma shi'er, latiaozi, fentiao'er, shouzhua yangrou, yang tipang, feng tang and so on.  shuijing lane is not far from the center square and can be reached by bus no. 1, 2, 23, and 31, or other mini buses, as well as tourism sightseeing bus no 1.  it takes six yuan by taxi.
住宿 lodging

在西宁市住宿的选择非常多,高档的有“建银宾馆”、“青海宾馆”、“胜利宾馆”等,标准间一天的价格比北京的三星级饭店价格稍便宜些,此外还有很多价格低廉的小旅店。 there are many choice for lodging, including luxurious hotels such as jianyin guesthouse, qinghai guesthouse, and shengli guesthouse, which are slightly cheaper than three-star hotel in beijing, as well as innumerous even cheaper little hostels.
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